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     Refurbished appliances in the Reno Sparks area. Sargent's Maytag should be your choice if you are in need of a quality appliance, but don’t like the new styles or don’t want to spend the money on a new machine. Sargent’s has the quality alternative to buying new appliances. Sargent’s has gained their reputation for quality, rebuilt appliances, due to the fact that we thoroughly rebuild, inspect and warranty our products. You won’t catch us finding something in our scrap yard, dusting off the top of it and selling it to you. Sargent’s completely disassembles, repairs, cleans and checks all appliances that are sold as rebuilt at our store. Rebuilt home appliances with a 1 year warranty; you can’t beat that.

     You may be wondering why someone would want to purchase a used, and not buy new appliances. Well, at Sargent’s, we believe there are older appliance designs that better than new designs; for instance washing machines. With the introduction of energy efficient washing machines, started the HE washer craze. Unfortunately, these machines weren’t the best clothes washers and didn’t last the longest. This is why Sargent’s likes rebuilt washers. We can control the quality of the appliances being sold to our clients, and make sure our customers are getting quality used washers and quality used dryers, at an exceptionally great price. Another rebuilt appliance that Sargent’s believes is a quality value, is used, rebuilt refrigerators. A lot of refrigerators from several years ago are actually better than some refrigerators built new today. There have been several new “innovations” that really lowered the life span of refrigeration products. Poor sealed systems, bad compressors, dual evaporators and other failures have really put a black eye on the new refrigeration landscape. Even with our ability to repair sealed system failures like compressor replacements and Freon recharges, we still don’t believe customers should have to go through that with a product that isn’t that old. This is why we pick the best refrigeration designs from the last few generations, rebuild them to where they are a quality alternative to new, and display them in our appliance warehouse. We like to find Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and Amana side by side refrigerators and french door refrigerators because they are built the best out of any of the other manufacturers. With a few hundred dollars, or installation of a new compressor and we can sell a once failed refrigerator, into a refrigerator that is at half of the price of a new one, and will last several years, if not generations.

     If you need a used washer, used dryer or used refrigerator, check out Sargent’s Maytag. We rebuild the best appliances so you can feel confident in your purchase. If you’ve been burned by another company in the past, don’t be afraid. We only sell product with a 1 year warranty; no 30 day, 60 day or 90 day warranties here. We believe that anything we repair should be able to last at least 1 year, but we rebuild them to last much longer than that. We strive for our appliances to last at least 5 years.   

Latest in Available Appliances

Need a used washer in Reno? Shop our large selection of rebuilt Whirlpool made, direct drive washers. These Washers have been around since the 1970's and are considered one of the best washers ever to be manufactured. We also sell Maytag front load neptune washers, which was one of the first energy efficient designs made. They are still, to this day, one of the best made front loaders you can get.

Need a used dryer in Reno? Shop our huge selection of refurbished dryers. There are a whole lot of dryer designs that have been made in dryer history. Sargents likes Whirlpool or Maytag made dryers because they hold up the longest. We are big fans of the Whirlpool dryers with a lint filter on the top or Whirlpool dryers with the 4 roller suspension system and a front lint filter. We're also huge fans of the Maytag dryers that we call "Atlantis" or "Neptune". These Maytag dryers were manufactured as a coin operated dryer when they were brand new. 

Need a used refrigerator in Reno? Shop our amazing selection of refurbished refrigerators made by the Maytag, Amana and Whirlpool corporations. Sargents loves to find great used refrigerators that we can sell for a good price. Most of the time, the refrigerators we sell will last you longer than some of the new refrigerators you can buy. This is because the manufacturers were still worried about quality, and not whether or not they can put a coffee maker in the freezer door.