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Sargents Maytag has one of the largest selection of used and rebuilt appliances in Reno Sparks. The one thing you won't find at our warehouse is appliances that are someone else's problem. Our appliance technicians work hard everyday checking, cleaning and putting our washing machines through a rigorous test to make sure that you're getting a quality used washer. If you purchase something from us and it happens to fail, we offer a complete, 100% warranty for 1 year on our rebuilt appliances.

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Kenmore Bisque Extra Rinse, Speed Selection Knob, $329
Kenmore Apartment Size 24", $299
Maytag Dependable Care Heavy Duty, 25 5/8", $369
Speed Queen  Heavy Duty, Stainless Drum, $499
Maytag Bisque Dependable Care Heavy Duty, Off-white, 25 5/8", $369
Estate Apartment Size 24", $299
Estate Made By Whirlpool Direct Drive, $329
Kenmore 80 Series Direct Drive, $299
Centennial Maytag Stainless Steel Drum, $329
Whirlpool Top Load Direct Drive, $329

Bisque or off white

Kenmore Washer W/ Extra Rinse

Bisque Kenmore washing machine. This washer is made by Whirlpool and uses their robust direct drive wash system. This design has been tested and proven to be one of the best designs ever made. It has a 27” width and is full size.



24" Kenmore Washer

24” apartment size washer with agitator. This washer is a Whirlpool made machine with the direct drive wash system. This unit gives you the luxury of having a quality washer while also giving you a compact, 24” width.

heavy duty

Maytag Dependable Care

White Maytag dependable care washer. This washer design is what helped make Maytag famous by being a heavy duty long lasting washer. It was manufactured for over 30+ years without changing much to the design. It is 25 5/8” wide and has a little smaller capacity than other washers.

heavy duty, stainless tub

Speed Queen Commercial

Speed Queen washer with stainless steel tub. These washers are few and far between because of how long they last. This deigns is found in Laundromats as a coin operated machine. It has a 25 5/8” width and is 3.3 cubic foot. Enjoy long lasting, quality washes with this machine.

bisque or off white, Heavy duty

Maytag Dependable Care

Bisque Maytag dependable care washer. This machine made Maytag famous with its long lasting design that has been around since the 70’s. It is smaller in capacity than some other units, but washes well even if filled full. It has a dual piece agitator that really moves clothes around.

apartment size

24" Estate Compact

24” apartment size Estate washer. This machine is made by Whirlpool and uses the direct drive system. This is a compact washer that fits in a smaller space, but still uses the components of a full size machine, instead of using lower quality parts like other 24” washers. It is smaller in capacity but larger than most other 24” washers.

direct drive

Estate Made By Whirlpool

Estate top loading washing machine. This is a Whirlpool made washer that has a strong wash system known as the direct drive. This machine is built similar to other Whirlpool machines but ha their Estate name, which is under their brand umbrella.

80 series


Kenmore 80 series washer. This machine is one of the more famous items with older generations because of its features and long lasting direct drive wash system. It has a delicate, handwash, normal and wrinkle free options. It also comes with the ability to add more rinses if need be.


Maytag Washer With Stainless Drum

Maytag centennial washer with stainless steel tub. This machine has a very durable look and is a quality, long lasting washer with its direct drive wash system. It does have a steel tub that will not chip or crack like other, porcelain coated tubs.

direct drive

Whirlpool Top Load

Whirlpool branded washer with agitator. This Whirlpool appears to be basic, but it has a strong motor and transmission. The lack of bells and whistles is perfect for someone who isn’t looking for a bunch of features they won’t ever use. This washer has a large capacity and is perfect for most situations.